State Associations

The following represents just a few of the state associations that we are members of. If you’d like to know more about your specific environment, please contact us.

Alabama Bankers Association

The Alabama Bankers Association is the trade and professional organization representing 150 financial institutions across the state. ABA provides a variety of member services including: education through seminars and conferences, valuable products and services, a unified voice for political advocacy, and publications.

Arkansas Bankers Association

The Arkansas Bankers Association was established in 1891. It is the state's largest and oldest banking industry organization and represents over 200 banks, bank holding companies, and savings & loans in Arkansas. The ABA provides a variety of member services, including educational programs, products and services, publications and a comprehensive government relations program.

Community Bankers Association of Illinois

The mission of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois is to provide its members a competitive edge by effectively aggregating political, economic, and marketing power. The CBAI is dedicated to keeping community banks competitive for the benefit of their customers and the communities they serve through delivery of quality education, effective political representation, and essential products and services. The mission will be pursued with integrity, equal representation, professionalism, vision, and responsiveness.

Community Bank Association of Oklahoma

CBAO allows bankers to collectively accomplish many goals that would normally be unattainable with only the efforts of an individual banker or individual bank. CBAO fights proactively for legislation that would level the playing field for community banking, while at the same time maintaining a strong defense against costly and burdensome regulations.

Georgia Bankers Association

Georgia Bankers Association

The Georgia Bankers Association is the trade and professional organization representing the interests of banks and thrift institutions in the state of Georgia. Virtually every institution is a member. GBA is the resource that empowers Georgia’s banks with the highest-quality professional development, valuable products and services, governmental relations and public advocacy.

Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Formed in 1974, Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) represents Texas community banks. The Austin-based group is the largest state community based organization in the nation, with membership comprised of more than 2,000 banks and branched in more than 700 Texas communities. Providing safe and responsible financial services to all Texans, IBAT member banks are committed to supporting and investing in their local communities.

Indiana Bankers Association

The Indiana Bankers Association (IBA) supports the Indiana banking community through issues analysis and advocacy, professional education, industry communications, convening opportunities, and access to product and service solutions to help member banks build better communities. The Association was established in 1897. .

Mississippi Bankers Association

Mississippi Bankers Association

The Mississippi Bankers Association, established in 1889, is a private membership organization which brings together and represents banks and savings institutions in the State of Mississippi. The MBA provides education through seminars and conferences, information through various avenues such as The Mississippi Banker magazine, and representation in legislative and regulatory matters.

Missouri Bankers Association

Missouri Bankers Association

The Missouri Bankers Association was founded in August of 1891 during a gathering of bankers in Lebanon. Our membership includes commercial banks and savings and loan associations representing over 2,000 banking locations and over 30,000 bank employees in the state of Missouri. The Missouri Bankers Association is the principal advocate for the Missouri banking industry and is dedicated to providing products and services that bring benefits to its members.

Missouri Independent Bankers Association

The Missouri Independent Bankers Association is an organization of small and medium-sized banks, locally owned, operated and dedicated to meeting the financial needs of their communities. The MIBA is dedicated to the preservation of banking law and structure which will assure the continued survival and prosperity of Missouri's independent banks.

Texas Bankers Association

Since 1885, the Texas Bankers Association has been working to create a dynamic and profitable environment for Texas banks. This environment has provided a healthy atmosphere for the industry, as well as resources and services to benefit bank employees. The mission of the Texas Bankers Association is to "meet the growing needs of our members with education, information and advocacy."

Virginia Association of Community Bankers

The Virginia Association of Community Banks is an organization whose members are the locally owned and operated banks in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All members are dedicated to the principles of community banking. The purpose of the Association is to assist its members in serving their shareholders, customers, employees and community in a competent and profitable manner; to provide members the means to remain visible, progressive institutions; to represent the membership by promoting a unified philosophy and to provide effective programs and services that include, but are not limited to, legislative and regulatory lobbying, education, membership communication, and other areas which all have a unique orientation toward community banking.

Virginia Bankers Association

The Virginia Bankers Association has served as the organized voice for the Commonwealth’s banking industry since 1893 providing solutions to aid in resolving differences, unifying efforts, and accomplishing objectives otherwise not achievable.

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